Siemens Has Done Their Homework For New Business Communications

Just got back from a very interesting analyst conference hosted by Siemens. As you will note from postings by other analysts (e.g., at, things are still evolving with Siemens, especially in changing their name. However, even though we have have not heard much from Siemens in last couple of years, they have actually been doing a lot of research and soul-searching about where telephony is going in a  multi-modal business communications world.

I am still digesting some of the news that won’t be publicized until October of this year, but I can tell you that aside from looking to create a new image for themselves and their technology products, they are partnering with all kinds of technology vendors to cover the broad interaction waterfront that business communications require. That’s a practical shift from the old telecom proprietary and premise-based technologies.

A second noteworthy comment about  Siemens, is that they have really been doing their homework and research as to what end users and business management need from communications technologies over the last two years. That has led them to some new technology approaches beyond traditional voice communications that will serve a mobile, multi-modal world. However, they are still evolving their approaches to the new role of contact centers and mobile customer services in a “cloud” based world.

Like everyone else in the telecommunication industry, they are getting ready to play a different role than just a voice communications provider, and they are seriously doing their homework about what will be needed for the future rather than the past. They invited the analyst attendees to be constructively active in critiquing their new directions and technologies and plan to jump aggressively back into the market with a fresh and well thought out approach, including a new and more descriptive technology name.

So, stay tuned for this “old guy” in telephony to be rejuvenated for the new game in business communications.



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