Can WebRTC Disrupt the Contact Center?

Here’s a question for you: Can WebRTC really disrupt the contact center, and if it can – where will that disruption take place?

If you search the web, you will see a lot of promise in WebRTC in contact centers; and while that is correct, careful analysis should be done as to where to place it exactly. Here are a few quick observations I have about this.

Where do you plan on placing WebRTC?

Inside the contact center? That’s where presumably you have total control. It can be integrated with the CRM screens of your employees. It can reduce your TCO, CAPEX or whatever you want to call it. It diminishes the need for upgrading moving parts since the whole shebang is going to be served each time from your server.

That’s true in some deployments, but not in all. What happens when the CRM system doesn’t really run in a browser? Or when the IT department of that company forces the use of Internet Explorer as the only browser?

Outside the contact center you say? Well, there’s 50% chance that a browser hitting your website will be WebRTC compliant – but that’s true only in some parts of the world. You see, every geography and market segment has a different mix of users, so make sure the ones that visit your website can enjoy WebRTC to begin with. You can also stitch WebRTC into your mobile apps, making it easier for people to connect to your contact center.

While you might actually think that making it easier for people to get to the contact center is a bad thing (after all, we are here to reduce the amount of calls – not increase it) – it is actually a good thing – at least if you hook to it the context of the user – where did he browser before pressing that WebRTC call button, who he is – these things can reduce time for your employees who will have an easier time analyzing the reason for the call in the first place.

WebRTC in the contact center is one of these no-brainer use cases – until you start looking at the details. It already works in small companies – just look at how Vacasa Rentals have used WebRTC internally. The tricky part will be to find the correct models to make it work in the larger contact centers – I am waiting to see which vendor will get there first.

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