What’s Your Approach to WebRTC?

I’ve had it with evangelizing WebRTC. At least in this post.

You know what? I am done trying to explain why WebRTC is transformative to UC. Whenever I try to explain it or provide a different viewpoint than the current strategic thought taken by most (all?) UC vendors, I get these comments saying that WebRTC doesn’t solve this and that problem.

Guess what? It doesn’t make coffee either!

So here’s a question for you:

If you were to consult to a UC vendor today, what would you suggest he do about WebRTC?

Before you answer, make sure you read the following guidelines:

  • Throw away the instinctive notions you might have about WebRTC and the challenges you see with it
  • Reserve judgment to some later post of mine about how transformative WebRTC is
  • Assume it is available tomorrow on all browsers – desktop and mobile
  • Think beyond the gateway scenario, where the only suggestion is to add some web client to the existing portfolio

The floor is yours – bring them suggestions!

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