Reseller Training Challenges for UC Vendors

For vendors offering training to their resellers/Solutions Integrators, they have had to address several challenges to make the transition to new, cloud-based services:

1.  Coverage

The coverage strength of a reseller network is also a problem when delivering training. Solutions integrators have multiple locations including those in remote areas. Many employees work from their homes or in small workgroups. Further, with the advent of cloud-based service providers, they could be anywhere in the world. The days of live, in-person instruction from vendors to Solution Integrators are over.

2.  Control

Solution Integrators are independent businesses with multiple product lines. They demand extensive support and training while, simultaneously, be very selfish of the time of their employees. During this time of transformation in the industry, especially, Solutions Integrators are very selective to the vendors they will offer mind-share for training. Compounding this situation is the need for training that support certification credentials.

3. Cost

Time is money and access to reseller employees is expensive. If it is sales training, vendors need to get creative on how to reach their audience without taking them out of the field during business hours. If it is technical certification training, consider integrating training into the system support process for just-in-time training where possible. Unless the vendor adapts to the needs of their resellers, they will be wasting their precious training resources.

4.  Context

Training content without context is a waste of time for both parties. Remember where those three-ring binders from past training programs ended up? Yup, in the garbage.  Even though today we have ready access to more information than anyone can practically use, hardly anyone, especially vendor training departments and product managers, attempt to help reseller sales professionals to systematically research and diagnose opportunities in their prospective client organizations. This lack of context help is going to cost both resellers and their vendor- partners market share and time they don’t have.

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