Enough Already About Ringing All Your Phones!

Sprint customers are now being notified that they will be able to integrate with Google Voice. Among the benefits touted in the announcement was access to the Google Voice web feature that enables callers to use one phone number that will then ring all your phones (wired and wireless). How dumb can you get!

See news release at:


It’s bad enough that the legacy telephone user interface (TUI) is so disruptive to the call recipient and anyone within range of the ringing device, it provides no information to the recipient about the caller’s reason for the call,  (No ” subject” information). Busy people don’t always want to be notified that someone is calling them, especially when it is  a bad time to talk (driving a car, in a meeting, noisy environment, etc.), often unimportant, and often a “wrong number.”  Call notifications can now be done more efficiently and less disruptively than simply ringing a device.

As consumers quickly move to using mobile, personalized,  multi-modal “smartphones” rather than desktop phones or even old, limited cell phones, the call notification and screening game will change forever!  That’s all I want say for now on this subject, but, believe me, there is much more!

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