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From time to time, UCStrategies.com experts are invited to be keynote speakers at customer events sponsored by leading vendors in Unified Communications.  In addition to our sessions at conferences such as VoiceCon and InterOp, Blair Pleasant (COMMFusion), and Don Van Doren and I (UniComm Consulting) have each enjoyed responding to those requests to provide independent industry viewpoints at these customer events.

Beginning on November 20, I will be speaking at Microsoft Unified Communications Road Show events in the US, India, Greece, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Russia, Mexico, and Brazil. 

The theme will reflect the white paper that Don Van Doren and I recently created with Microsoft sponsorship, “Achieving Cost and Resource Savings through Unified Communications.”   This highlights roughly a dozen areas where companies around the globe are applying UC solutions, especially Microsfot Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Exchange Server 2007 and 2010, to produce measurable savings.  On a “per employee per year” basis and backed up with actual case studies, the potential savings are in the range of $12,000 per employee per year — a very compelling ROI and cash positive within months.

Since Unified Communications is very likely to be quite different in each country, my plan is to report the perspectives on UC as well the creative UC solutions being implements at each stop along the way.  You may share my curiousity about what will be found at each stop.  

If you have questions you would like me to explore, please post them here.   It will be a joy to share with you.

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Marty Parker 

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