Voxeo Moves Closer to Unified Communications with the Acquisition of VoiceObjects

In August I blogged on No Jitter about Voxeo’s self-service and contact center capabilities, and on their acquisition of SIP-provider, Micromethod Technologies. At the time I made the case that due to some of the capabilities that this acquisition would bring, that it wouldn’t be long until Voxeo came out with a UC story of its own, seeing as it now had so many of the pieces to do so. I won’t reiterate all the details as you can read the blog by going to the August archives on the No Jitter site.

However, today, Voxeo announced a further acquisition, that when you dig down into it only confirms that Voxeo is moving closer to a compelling unified communications strategy, but just won’t admit the launch date yet. This morning they announced the acquisition of VoiceObjects, another self-service and tools provider for VoiceXML applications, similar in make up to Voxeo. The differences, and hence the compelling reasons behind the acquisition, are that VoiceObjects, with its headquarters in Germany, has a strong European base, and a base of customers that includes some of the largest self service customers (they mentioned in the 4-5K port range).

Both companies provide self-service. Both are enmeshed in VoiceXML. As Voxeo put it, Voxeo brings simplicity at the VoiceXML/CCXML browser level and VoiceObjects brings simplicity at the application server level. Both have great tool sets for application development. But Voxeo has that huge developer community and myriad small and medium (primarily) applications. VoiceObjects developers and has medium to large implementations.

What VoiceObjects also brings to the party are some capabilities that will enhance Voxeo’s ability to get into the unified communications game, and strengthens their multi-channel strategy. For example, Voice Objects has support for video and SMS. They also support USSD, a GSM standard that allows a user to establish a session and gain IM-like capabilities, but also menu based offerings, such as news, etc. SMS sessions can be initiated within USSD if the user wants, and USSD can be used while roaming too.

Now Voxeo has the pieces to produce full scale unified communications applications when they finish this acquisition and the work of integrating the products from this acquisition and the last into their product set. The UC baby is due soon; we just don’t have a date yet.

Full content of August NoJitter Blog at http://www.nojitter.com/blog/archives/2008/08/stealth_player.html

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