A “Modest Proposal” Addendum for Gores/Siemens

Marty, let me add further to your “modest proposal”.  My suggestion is that Gores and SEN strive to become the systems integrator of choice for integrating voice communications into business processes. 

As we look at the developing unified communications market, we see strong parallels to the way contact centers developed.  Companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars per agent seat gathering and integrating applications, communications, customer data, and knowledge systems into processes to solve a specific business problem – handling incoming customer contacts efficiently and effectively. 

Unified Communications holds a similar promise for many places in the enterprise – linking people, processes, and technology in a way that solves a specific business problem.  Our consulting work, and numerous published case studies point to the fact that applying UC to business processes is the road to the best ROI opportunities.   But achieving these results sometimes requires integrating voice communications into business applications.  And that’s a lot of potential revenue for innovative services companies.

Who better to tackle the subtle challenges of voice communications than a multi-billion dollar company with deep roots in the voice business.  Moreover, Siemens has, with their OpenScape UC Server, gained experience understanding other systems with which it will integrate. 

There are several paths.  Siemens could “go it alone” and choose one of several models such as Genesys Labs, IBM Global Services, DiData, Accenture, or others.  Or, they could work closely with their VAR network to develop an ecosystem of integrators. 

So, Gores and SEN, go beyond the traditional voice communications business.  Integration services is where it’s at in the unfolding unified communications marketplace! 

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