A Great Unified Communications Webinar For Your Review

Yesterday, June 4, VoiceCon hosted a great webinar, “Demonstrating UC Productivity Benefits”.  The webinar presented the findings of an important survey recently completed by Blair Pleasant and Nancy Jamison, both leading Market Analysts and both associated with UCStrategies.com. 

The survey focused primarily on the User Productivity category of UC (the UC-U) rather than that Business Process category of UC (UC-B), since the UC-U category is the one that is easiest to adopt and so has the largest early uptake. 

Blair and Nancy described the methodology of the survey and then focused on two major categories of their findings:

  • 1. The quantitative results as to adoption and usage of UC-U. A graphic on slide 7 shows that 100% of those interviewed were using Presence and IM, with over 80% using click to call functions. Tagging, Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing ranked lower in use and/or adoption, as you can see.

Adoption Rates for UC Capabilities

  • 2. The qualitative results as to where the benefits are being realized. There are some great examples that Blair and Nancy describe in five categories. Interestingly, these five categories are similar to the five UC Application categories described here and in a June 2007 BCR magazine article. You will learn a lot about the adoption by listening to this section.

You can hear the entire webcast, including a presentation from the sponsor, Genesys, by going to the VoiceCon webinar site (click here).  you will need to register, but then can get immediately to the replay.  You can also move the slider to hear a specific section, and for that, here’s a short index:

Minute   6:00   Survey Methodology
Minute   8:13   Findings Overview
Minute 11:00   Adoption Statistics
Minute 12:25   Business Impact Categories
Minute 14:50   Results by Impact Category

It’s worth the watch. Hope you enjoy it.  I’d welcome feedback as to what you think of the webcast.

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