Verint Verdict – Vindication

Verint Systems announced that it won a patent suit against Nice Systems, providing the company with vindication and $3.3 million in damages. Here’s a little background – Nice had initiated legal actions against Verint related to patent lawsuits, and Verint then countersued with its own patent infringements against Nice. Without getting into specifics, the patent is about Verint Witness Actionable Solutions’ speech analytics (the suit was initiated before Verint acquired Witness) and covers systems and methods for, among others, analyzing speech to identify, for example, emotion, words, and talk-over.

A federal jury in Atlanta ruled in Verint’s favor, and the next step is for Verint to seek a permanent injunction to “enjoin Nice Systems in the United States from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing any infringing speech analytics products, including speech analytics offered with Nice SmartCenter, Nice Perform, NiceUniverse and NiceAdvantage.”  Essentially, the jury determined that the Witness patent was valid and infringed upon, and now it goes to the judge to see if Nice can continue to sell these products, which should be decided upon in a couple months.

When I spoke with my friends at Verint Witness Actionable Solutions right after the verdict was announced on Friday, they emphasized that they didn’t initiate the patent lawsuit, but did it only as a response to Nice’s patent infringement suits against Verint/Witness. They noted that Verint has a long history around analytics, and of course they feel good that their R&D team was validated. And then they celebrated with some champagne. Cheers!

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