Collaborating Can Be Good For Your Health

Akin to David’s post this morning about his work with Sophia’s Garden–an online community for families with terminally ill children–we talked this afternoon with Armen Berjikly of The Experience Project, a social network where people are invited to be open about their challenges and truths (illnesses, life conditions, addictions, failures, relationship woes, etc.) in a safe and anonymous environment.

About three years ago, Berjikly, a Stanford-trained engineer with entrepreneurial chutzpah, learned that a friend of his had suddenly developed multiple sclerosis (MS), a disease that tends to strike young women in their 20’s. He wanted to help and sought to find as much information on the insidious disease and its possible treatments as he could. His online search revealed a tremendous amount of valuable, but highly technical (medical) information. Berjikly began translating the research findings into layman’s terms for his friend. In doing so, he realized there was a need for this sort of resource. After three years of evolutionary work, he has developed a powerful collaborative social network built around the strength of being vulnerable.

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